History of World Kidney Day

World Kidney Day started in 2006 and has not stopped growing ever since. Every year, the campaign highlights a particular theme.
•    2015 Kidney Health for All
•    2014 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and aging
•    2013 Kidneys for Life – Stop Kidney Attack!
•    2012 Donate – Kidneys for Life – Receive
•    2011 Protect your kidneys: Save your heart
•    2010 Protect your kidneys: Control diabetes
•    2009 Protect your kidneys: Keep your pressure down
•    2008 Your amazing kidneys!
•    2007 CKD: Common, harmful and treatable
•    2006 Are your kidneys OK?

Journal of Nephropharmacology
Journal of Nephropathology



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